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Code Description
09991 Hergestellt für das Exclusivprogramm
001 Destination charge
005 Preparation charge (credit)
007 Gas guzzler tax
20 Speedometer in 2 Scales (KPH/MPH)
58 Impact absorbers front and rear
61 Version for Great Britain
62 Velour floor mats
113 Version for Canada
124 Yellow Light (series equipment for France)
126 Stickers in French
130 Control and indications in english lettering
139 Seat heating left
156 Reduced sound muffler
193 Version for Japan
197 88 Ah battery
218 License brackets front and rear
220 Locking differential (40%)
235 Change of tyre manufacturer at production (not customer selectable)
237 Change of tyre manufacturer at production (not customer selectable)
277 Version for Switzerland
288 Headlight washers
323 Sticker without ESE-Regulations
325 Version for Singapore
327 Radio Blaupunkt Koln
331 AM/FM cassette with 2 door speakers
334 Radio cassette player Bremen RCM 42
340 Seat heating right
383 Sport seat left electric height adj +10mm
387 Sport seat right electric height adj +10mm
406 18in RS 3.8 wheels (painted)
407 18in polished wheels
419 Rear luggage compartment instead of rear seats
423 Cassette container and coin box
425 Rear window wiper
434 Work instructions for cars overseas
437 Full power comfort seat left
438 Full power comfort seat right
441 Radio speakers and antenna amplifier
455 Wheel locks
481 5-speed manual transmission
484 Version for USA
488 Stickers in German
492 Headlights for left-hand traffic (RHD)
494 Additional amplifier
498 Delete model designation at rear
499 Version for West Germany
513 Lumbar support right seat
526 Cloth door panels
534 433MHz anti-theft lock
545 100 litre fuel tank
553 Version for US/Canada
561 Airbag driver's side
562 Airbag for driver and passenger sides
566 Rectangular front fog lights
567 Windscreen, green, graduated tint
573 Air conditioner
576 Without rear fog light
586 Lumbar support left seat
602 Raised third brake light
605 Vertical headlight adjustment
650 Electric sunroof
657 Power steering
659 On-board computer
685 Divided rear seat
692 Remote CD changer (6-disc)
693 Blaupunkt London radio
740 Exhibition vehicle
900 Tourist Delivery 'TOU'
912 Vehicle without identification plate
935 Seat cover rear
975 Velour carpet in luggage compartment
980 Seat cover ruffled leather (supple)
981 Leather equipment without seat covers
999 Air freight
964770 LHD MY 1994 Porsche 911 turbo coupe
964771 RHD MY 1994 Porsche 911 turbo coupe
36S 1994 Turbo "S" model
C36 Canadian emissions
CO2 U.S. emissions - catalytic converter
M6A Floor mats Porsche lettering
M6B Floor mats black
M6C Porsche floor mats cashmere
M6G Porsche floor mats classic grey
M6L Porsche floor mats light grey
S6B Cellular phone console black
S6C Cellular phone console cashmere
S99 Cellular phone console color to sample
SAC AC rapid charger
SBE Battery eliminator cellular phone
SLB Standard large battery cellular phone
SPP Power pack plus cellular phone
SUL Ultra light battery cellular phone
TOU Tourist delivery Canada
X09 Leather extended centre console
X17 Instrument carrier light rootwood
X18 Instrument carrier dark rootwood
X19 Leather instrument carrier
X26 Full leather steering wheel
X28 Steering wheel light maple burl wood
X30 Steering wheel dark maple burl wood
X31 Parking brake handle light rootwood
X32 Parking brake handle dark rootwood
X37 Shift knob in silver with custom engraving
X41 Remote control for central locking w/ locking for EFH and ESD
X44 Installation C/D Euroline
X81 Compace Disc Storage
X89 Concave wheel caps painted in exterior body colour w/ Porsche crest w/XD9
X90 Rim caps w/ Porsche crest
X92 Turbo 'S' front spoiler lip
X93 Special Turbo 'S' rear spoiler
X97 Shift knob aluminum and leather
X98 Parking brake handle aluminum and leather
X99 Turbo 'S' rear fender vents
XC5 Gear shift knob with gold Porsche crest
XC7 Gear shift knob with colored Porsche crest
XC8 Gear shift knob light rootwood
XC9 Gear shift knob dark rootwood
XD4 Porsche crest rim caps (4)
XD6 Sport suspension (turbo 3.6)
XD7 Strut brace
XD9 Rims (4) painted in exterior color
XE2 Four exhaust outlet muffler system
XF5 Instrument trim rings leather
XF6 Gear box tunnel leather
XF7 Leather tray behind parking brake
XJ3 Leather locking knobs and plates
XJ4 Ignition lock surround (rosette) in leather
XJ5 Leather covered ignition key
XJ6 Leather steering wheel column
XK7 Leather wrapped shift knob and cover
XK8 Shift knob in gold with custom engraving
XM5 Leather control knobs (4)
XM7 Leather covered glove box knob
XM9 Leather turn signal/wiper switch
XN1 Leather power window switches
XN2 Leather inside door handle cover
XN3 Fresh air vents in leather
XN4 Centre air vents in leather
XN7 Leather parking brake cover
XN8 Leather sun visors
XP9 Leather radio speaker trim rings
XR7 Rear window washer
XV2 Leather fresh air side vents
XV3 Leather air conditioning controls
XV4 Leather heated switch controls
XV5 Leather seat controls
XV6 Leather seat control ring plate
XV7 Leather fuel tank pull knob
XV8 Leather clock adjustment
XW3 Leather rear window wiper switch
XW4 Leather light switch
XW5 Leather wiper/instrument light knobs
XW6 Door lock rosettes in leather
XW7 Warning light rosette in leather
XW8 Leather door entrance panel sills
XW9 Leather entrance panel covers
XX1 Front floor mats embriodered Porsche
XX6 Leather shift lever knob pattern insert w/ deviating colors
XZ4 Glove box frame in leather
Z09 Leather welting color to sample (98 or 99 Interior)
Z13 Leatherette welting standard colors
Z15 Leather piping front seats prior color
Z17 Leather piping front seats standard colors
Z21 Seat stitching alternating standard colors
Z23 Deviating stitching all door panels/handles
Z33 Leather piping all seats standard colors
Z35 Leather kneebar deviating color
Z39 Leather piping all seats color to sample
Z41 Exterior color pearl white metallic
Z53 Head restraints w/Porsche crest
Z69 Carpet standard colors (deviating from interior color)
Z71 Multi color cloth seat inlays
Z85 Leather welting color to sample
Z95 Titanium or black brake calipers


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