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      The Japan model features the 930 Turbo S/944 style front end with hooded pop up type headlights, 930 style rear quarter vents and boxed rockers. The cars are all LHD, Polar Silver Metallic and feature the exact same build code specification. Four cars were delivered with the 3.8 RS rear spoiler and six with the standard 3.6 turbo rear spoiler. At ten built the 964 'Furrattonozu' it is one of the rarest production Porsche's of all time.  
In addition to the 'Flatnose type fenders with front wheel housing vents' the Japan car features the following differences to the R.O.W. and U.S.A. cars:

- Air inlet ducts with lands at rear fenders
- XD 7 Tower crossbrace (against surcharge)
- Z application 1637 - bucket seats as on 911 Carrera RS (see in photo)
- No backrest and seat belts in rear
- Roof antenna as on model 928

The Cars by VIN#

470222 470285 470291 470311 470326
470335 470344 470362 470386 470388

Unidentified Japan

Country of Delivery Count

Japan - 10

Production and Delivery Data

Earliest Completed Production Date - November 16, 1993 (VIN 470285)
Latest Completed Production Date - January 12, 1994 (VIN 470344)
Earliest Vehicle Delivery Date - April 1, 1994 (VIN 470326)
Latest Vehicle Delivery Date - November 27, 1995 (VIN 470285)

Exterior Colors Count

Polar Silver Metallic - 10

Fact, Rumors and Myths?

# 1 The base sticker price was 25,400,000 yen with the 3.8 RS rear spoiler and 24,500,000 yen with the standard 3.6 Turbo rear spoiler.

# 2 At least one unidentified flatnose has been crashed.

# 3 VIN 470285 was the very last Flatnose car to be delivered on November 27, 1995.


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