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   Flatnose Fakes


It is certainly tempting to fake a $160K+ USD supercar! Here are a few. And how do you do it? Well with a little research and perseverance you can find all of the parts including the body shell bits. But it can never be the real deal and a true collector will be able to tell! The purpose of this site is to track the real cars separating the wanna be's from the Flachbau's.

Flatnose Fake # 1 - VIN 480144

1994 3.6 turbo.


Flatnose Fake #2 - VIN Unknown

1990 964 C4.


Flatnose Fake #3 - VIN Unknown

1994 3.6 Turbo.


Flatnose Fake #4 - VIN 480101

1992 3.3 Turbo.




Flatnose Fake #5 - VIN Unknown

1991 964 C4.


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